Zambian Rates & Fees 2022

Zambian Rates & Fees 2022

Daily Rates  
5 Day Plains Game Mumembe or Shiwa Ngandu Ranch(excl. trophy fees)U$ 3,850
5 Days Hippo, Croc Hunt(excl. trophy fees)U$11,000
7 Day Sitatunga Hunts Mumembe / Shiwa Ngandu Ranch (excl. trophy fees)U$10,450
7 Day Buffalo Hunts(excl. trophy fees)U$15,950
10 Day Buffalo Hunts (2x Buffalo)(excl. trophy fees)U$18,700
14 Day Leopard Hunt(excl. trophy fees and bait animals)U$35,000
21 Day Lion Hunt (excl. trophy fees and bait animals)U$75,000
21 Day Lion / Leopard Hunt(excl. trophy fees and bait animals)U$95,000
5 Day Tusk less Elephant ALL INCL. with tag(Terms and conditions to apply)U$24,000
10 Day Trophy Elephant Hunt 30Ib plus(excl. trophy fees)U$27,500
Trophy Fees:   Area  
SPECIESPRICE MumembeSwampsConcession 1Concession 2Shiwa Ngandu
*BaboonU$ 225****
*Blue DuikerU$ 2,200*
*Blue WildebeestU$ 1,320*
*BuffaloU$ 4,950***
*Bush PigU$ 770***
*Chobe BushbuckU$ 1,100****
*Common DuikerU$ 660****
*Cookson’s WildebeestU$ 4,400**
**CrocodileU$ 3,520***
*Grysbok Sharpe’s U$ 880***
*Hippo U$ 3,520**
*Hyena SpottedU$ 2,200**
*Impala CommonU$ 650****
*KuduU$ 2,970****
*Lechwe BlackU$ 4,950***
*Lechwe KafueU$ 3,300**
**LeopardU$ 7,700**
*Liechtenstein’s HartebeestU$ 1,870**
**Lion U$16,500**
*Livingston ElandU$ 4,950****
*Oribi U$ 1,320*
*Puku U$ 1,320**
*ReedbuckU$ 1,320**
*RoanU$ 7,500**
*Sable U$ 6,500***
*TsessebeU$ 4,290**
*WarthogU$ 880***
*Waterbuck CommonU$ 2,200**
*Waterbuck CrawshaysU$ 2,200**
*Zebra U$ 1,650****
Extra Costs: 
All Safari GMA and gun permits with meet and greetU$ 1,250
Gun Hire per day (Ammunition INCL.)U$ 75
Trophy Export Dip and Pack Bangweulu Taxidermy – Mike Bormann Cell: +260 9777 71332 Email: BtaxZM@outlook.comTBA
Any transfers to and from hunting area – Quoted Air CharterU$ 2,500
2nd Trophy 150% of the quoted price applicable in GMA only
Observer Mumembe Ranch per day U$ 275
Observer Shiwa Ngandu Ranch and GMA per day U$ 495

NB:      Legislation stipulates that wounded animals are considered hunted and therefore are paid for in full.

*          Limited to availability

**        Due to international protection status, special permit application is required – quotas limited

Quoted Fees Include:

  • All government permit fees, VAT & Taxes on daily rates only.
  • Services of Professional Hunting Guides, Trackers and Skinners.
  • Laundry and housekeeping on daily basis.
  • Use of hunting vehicles during hunt.
  • Soft drinks, water, beer and wine.
  • Field preparations of trophies and delivery to local taxidermist.
  • Free WIFI at the hunting lodges.


Quoted Fees Exclude:

  • Hotel and airfare before and after the safari.
  • Air charter to hunting area, unless stated otherwise.
  • International phone calls.
  • Insurance and medical expenses of any kind.
  • Taxidermy, packing and shipping fees of trophies.
  • Hard Alcoholic beverages.
  • Gratuities you may wish to leave for the staff.
  • Trophy fees of animals bagged or wounded and lost.


Booking terms:

Your safari is confirmed only when Keibeb Safaris receives a signed Safari Contract, along with a deposit of 50% of the daily fees for designated length of the Safari. The balance of the daily fees is payable 3 months prior to the commencement of your Safari. The balance, trophy fees and other personal charges are payable upon completion of the Safari, before departure. All payments are to be made in US Dollars unless otherwise arranged. Payments can be made in cash, wire transfers and Credit / Debit Card.


If the booking is cancelled 30 days or less before your arrival date there will be no refund. If the booking is cancelled 30 – 90 days before your arrival you will receive a 50% refund on your deposit and if the booking is cancelled 90+ days before arrival you will receive a full refund on your deposit, less 10% cancellation fees.


No cancellation fees are payable if the hunt is deferred by one calendar year or a replacement client is booked. Re-booked hunt will be subject to the new price structure for the following year.